BarCo is the driving force behind the UCSA College Bar and to many students, a second “home”. It is the core of social life on campus. Open daily from 22:00 onwards, BarCo organizes regular nights, where the bar is open till 2:00, as well as party nights on Thursday, where the bar is open till at least 4:00. Everything accomplished at the bar is thanks to student involvement at every level of the bar’s organization: from the bartenders, to chiefs, to the BarCo board! No matter the night or season, chances are that there will be something going on at the bar – be it a friendly game of pool, an intense card game, a massive game of King’s Cup, a BarCo/Committee sponsored party, or even just an intense study session on the bean bags. Famous BarCo events held in the bar include the popular and reputable Bartender’s Weekend held every semester, Gents Night, Ladies Night, and Cocktail Nights, just to name a few.
Happy Hour is every day from 22.00 – 24.00, with 2 for 1 on shots (bacardi, rum or the shot of the week)! Don’t forget that every Wednesday is Wine Wednesday, with discounted prices for our special seasonal wines (only available on Wine Wednesdays!)

The prices are as follows:
Beer, Cider, Juice, & Soda = 1 EUR
Special beer = 2.00 EUR
Wine = 1.80 EUR
Pitcher = 7 EUR
Shot = 3 EUR
Shot mix = 3.50 EUR
Borrelnootjes = 0.50 EUR
Chips/Chocolate: 0.80 EUR

Opening Hours:
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun: 22:00 – 2:00
Thurs: 23:00 – 4:00

Current BarCo:
Chair – Menno Beekman
Secretary – Morgan Furneaux
Treasurer – Gilian Dresen
Public Relations – Nejc Blaznik
Human Resources – Zoë de Jonge
Inventory Manager – Luc Lips
Building Manager – Job Markink

Current chiefs:
Adela Svobodová
Alex Essle
Anna Rosa Juurlink
Beny Stevanovich
Ela Stojimirović
Florian van der Stap
Gilian Dresen
Hattie Hole
Inky Vos
Job Markink
Jules Douwes
Kabir Sabharwal
Lara Oblak
Laura Pighini
Louis Parker
Luc Lips
Lutzen van den Dobbelsteen
Matt Phillips
Menno Beekman
Mirra Hayden
Morgan Furneaux
Nejc Blaznik
Rachel Fuhrmann
Sebastiaan Siegerink
Tine Meerdink
Tobias Rodrigues
Wouter van Ingen
Zoë de Jonge

Hope to see you in the bar!

Reach us via for any questions or reservations and check out our facebook page

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