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The Campus Life Forum (CLF) is a body that was founded in 2011 and is chaired by the Secretary of the UCSA. It was reformed in 2013, and now comprises of two committees and one core group: the Employment Group, the Environmental Working Group and the core group simply called the CLF. The ultimate aim of the CLF is to improve the quality of life on campus. The CLF thus represents the interests of all students on issues such as Dining Hall, housing, facilities, employment opportunities and environmental issues.

The CLF has four tasks:

  1. Representation: When higher level bodies come with plans that affect any of the matters pertaining to the CLF committees (such as the dining hall reforms, but also perhaps a change in the unit outlay, or a change in employment policy), the CLF intercepts to represent the students as well as possible. The combination of these 4 committees ensures that different interests are represented .
  2. Communication: When higher level bodies impose something from above, when a project instigated by the CLF succeeds or fails, or when students themselves come with questions, the CLF communicates information from above to the students and back again, improving transparency towards the student body and creating more understanding (explaining why certain things are done the way they are, rather than just saying it can’t be done differently)
  3. Investigation: Every semester, the CLF conducts a research that gets about 400 responses. This research is used to proactively assess how content people are with campus matters, and to get new ideas for projects during the semester. This research is helpful for the CLF, because it can inspire and inform ideas, but also serves as a strong basis for legitimacy: but it also serves as a strong foundation upon which the CLF can base its arguments with more persuasive power. For example, College Hall cannot ignore our requests once it is clear that 400 students want longer Dining Hall hours..
  4. Innovation: Whether it is based on research results, or whether they are creative babies born out of CLF cooperation, the CLF should try to actively come up with ideas to make life on campus more liveable. The EWG has a lot of experience here, but the EG could also play a large role in this.

The CLF fulfils its tasks by conducting questionnaires to investigate the opinions of students. Together with the insights of the members of the CLF, those surveys are used to represent the students towards College Hall and propose changes.

The members of the CLF can be approached at any time for ideas, questions and comments. If you have any ideas on how to improve campus life, you can reach the CLF via Moreover, the CLF facebook group is an online platform to share your ideas AND discuss them with others. Mini-questionnaires and other questions will be posted here regularly. Share your ideas and we will try our best to make it happen!



Catheleine Peters (Chair)

Sandra Gonza

Polin Pavlova

Vera van Rossum

Julia Shen

Inky Vos

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