Cultural Cookery

Cultural Cookery

Every year, student volunteers from University College Utrecht professionally run a restaurant for charity over a period of two weeks – an event known as The Cultural Cookery. By combining cultural performances with a delightful journey of taste, the Cultural Cookery provides an entertaining evening for a good cause. This year’s charity is “New Dutch Connections”, a wonderful organization that helps asylum seekers ‘invest in their future’ through organizing workshops and setting up a buddy system for instance. We will be open from 21 – 29 May. Come enjoy a 3-course meal for only €16,50 at Kopi Susu (J.P. Coenstraat 69, Utrecht)! Reservations can be made through the following link:

We are glad to welcome you there!

Tastefully yours,
The Cultural Cookery Team 2016


Chair: Rosalie Fidder

Treasurer: Valerie Pijlman

PR Manager: Floor Roholl

Entertainment Manager: Marlies Klinkenberg

Chef: Laura de Keizer

Chef: Celeste Dull






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