DanceCo is UCU’s very own dance committee. We organize weekly classes and our members show off their hard work to campus at a performance in the end of each semester. Coming semester, we plan on bringing a great performance to you again!

All classes are taught by and for UCU students and accessible to students from all levels. We offer the following classes:


Work those cha-cha-cha’s! Another of UCUs popular partner dances, Latin will be a great one to try: we can guarantee you will be smiling your way through.


Bring a partner to get classy at our beautiful ballroom classes!


Contemporary approach to breakdance. Focus will be mostly on technique and music interpretation.

Hip Hop

Ready to get popping and locking? Don’t have a clue what that means but are intrigued anyway? Our hip hop classes have always been one of the busiest, so make sure to come have a look!

Modern Jazz

Dancing modern is an incredibly upbeat, contemporary and fun way to keep up with the dance scene, so it’s definitely worth giving it a go!

Musical Dance

Are you a fan of musicals? Looking for a stage to showcase your lip sync skills? Then come to Musical dance class! We’ll dance to a variety of musical songs, different styles, different stories. 5, 6, 7, 8 – showtime!


Contemporary dance blends different styles together and steps away from the rules set by traditional styles. So if you like thinking outside the box and want to connect body and mind, this class is perfect for you!


Ballet is taught by our beautiful, sophisticated Susanna Svensson who has enough experience to make even an elephant look graceful.


Lyrical is a dance which captivates audiences for its intense display of emotion and strength, and for this reason it is always one of our most popular classes.

Strength & Flexibility

Strength and flexibility is a workout class consisting of a 45 minute workout combining high intensity interval training with pilates, followed by a 15 minute stretch. So move your body to the drama room and work on those new years resolutions!


Ever wanted to experience a crazy Indian wedding, or one of the colourful festivals with insane dancing? Well now is your chance!!! For guys and girls alike, let your inner dancer go wild!


This Brazilian mix of martial arts and dance was started by the slaves who sought a method of honing their fighting skills without their masters knowing. Over the years, it has developed into a fun dance sport that includes music, singing, and much more!


Besides regular class activities, we offer dance workshops taught by professionals at affordable prices. Workshops are for all levels and prior experience is not required.

On top of that we have Outrageous: the demo team representing our dancers at inter-UC competitions. You can audition to be a part of this extraordinary team at the beginning of each semester!

You can contact us via e-mail, or be a friend of Ucsa DanceCo on Facebook!

2015-2016 board:

Chair: Katerina Ivanenko

Secretary: Prao Chittapraneerat

Treasurer: Marleen Kristen

PR: Nejc Blaznik




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