“Debating is not about being right. It’s about winning.” – Anonymous schools debater

DebateCo organises a meeting each week where all UCU students can come to challenge each other in a ‘verbal battle of wits’, otherwise known as a debate. These meetings don’t just help you to develop your public speaking skills and proficiency in constructing a sound argument, they are also always a lot of fun and full of gezelligheid.

Usually we provide a workshop ourselves and do a debate after. A couple of times each semester, we invite a guest speaker who will bring extra expertise on a certain topic – whether it is debate-related or focussed on public speaking. DebateCo sends debaters to debating competitions all over Europe. We visit great cities and prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, London, Cork and Trinity in Dublin (just to name a few cities that we’ve been to in the past two years).

These tournaments allow you to meet many debaters from other countries and cultures, while getting the opportunity to really improve as a debater. DebateCo also visits Dutch debating tournaments and organises its own tournament every Fall semester: the UCU Open. It is in fact one of the biggest international debating competition organised in the Netherlands, with over 100 debaters from all across Europe coming to UCU to compete against each other.

If you are interesting in joining DebateCo, feel free to join any Monday evening at 19.30 in Locke A. Regardless of your level, we’ll make sure you get up to speed quickly. Also, you can always send us an email at, or talk to any of the board members.

Board fall 2016
Chair – Daan Sanders
Secretary – Elvire Landstra
Treasurer – Mischa Sibbel
Events Manager – to be selected, for now Elvire Landstra
UCU Open 2016 is sponsored by the Utrecht University UFonds

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