DH opening hours 2nd & 3rd years

During Introweek, there are different opening hours for Dining Hall for 2nd and 3rd years that are not parenting.


Monday 26 August: closed for 2nd and 3rd years

Tuesday 27 August: brunch 10.30-12.30, NO dinner 2nd and 3rd years

Wednesday 28 August: brunch 10.30-12.30, dinner 18.00-19.30

Thursday 29 August: pick-up lunch for campus picnic 10.30-12.30 (picnic is from 12PM to 2PM on the Quad), dinner 18.00-19.30

Friday 30 August: brunch 10.30-12.30, dinner 18.00-19.30

Saturday 31 August: brunch 10.30-12.30, dinner at the Happy Hawaii festival.

Sunday 1 September: brunch 10.30-12.30, dinner 18.00-19.30


You can use the same DH cards as you had last semester, the one with the Sodexo logo on the back. For people who have been on exchange last semester or lost their card (shame on you!), drop by Kees Jan’s office to get your card!

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