Did you know…

…that there is really no way of getting huurtoeslag at UCU? The Campus Life Forum looked into this rumour and had contact with Bettina and Lekstede about this. The reason is that we don’t have a “zelfstandige woonunit”, as we share a kitchen, front door, and bathrooms. Another way to get huurtoeslag is to have the one renting out the housing (in our case, Lekstede) appoint the units for huurtoeslag. However, this is not possible, because “students rent the rooms for a limited period of time only, and, secondly, that the price of the rent is all-inclusive (energy and water are included)” (answer by College Hall and Lekstede).


…there is now wifi on most parts of the Quad and in the units in the academic buildings? However, contrary to what the posters make you believe, there is no wifi most units.



…there is an online version of the student handbook? You can find it here: http://intranet.ucu.uu.nl/uploads/Handbooks/UCU_Student_Handbook_2013-2014.pdf. The student handbook has lots of practical information on academics and campus life, but also on for example insurances or doctors.


…that there will be new printers in 2015? With the new system, you can print from your own computer and pay online.


…the CLF looked into the possibility for Dutch students to get “huursubside”? However, this is unfortunately really not possible (really, we looked at all loopholes). Interested in knowing why? Send us a message and we’ll explain you the technicalities.


…we use about three times as much toilet paper as is normal in other UU buildings (stealing is bad guys, the Albert Heijn is really not that far away).


…most students are convinced Plus is closer than the Albert Heijn, but the Albert Heijn Basic are cheaper?


…you can borrow tools, footballs, bikepumps and more at the UCSA office during office hours (every weekday from 17.45-19.30)?


…that when refurbishing Voltaire lounge, we found a little note from the people who did the last refurbishment over 5 years ago? [add photo]


…there has been a rumor about that you can get your money back if you lived only in Kromhout and the Wall in your UC career. However, if you signed up with friends, this is sadly not true…


…big parts of the campus are an official monument? That’s why it’s hard to make any changes to them (or have a swimming pool at the quad for that matter).


…many small changes in Dining Hall (such as the meal salads or the smaller option for the cheap meal), were discussed between the CLF and Sodexo and implemented because YOU indicated in the Dining Hall questionnaire you would like to see that change. Underlying message: fill in the Dining Hall questionnaire, it helps us a lot.


…the Beach Party Area is called the Beach Party Area because it used to be the place where every year the infamous end-of-Spring-semester Beach Party was organized, until it got too big, and they had to organize it off-campus?


…you should go to the landlord if you lost your mailbox- or XS-key to get a new one (mailbox key: 8,50 euro, XS-key: 35 euro)

…you should always also call UU security in case of big fire or large accidents, especially when it is night-time? This is because only they can open the gate, and they can also call 112 for you. The emergency number of security is 030 253 4444.


…Dining Hall has more than 5 fridges for all the different foods?


…results of the General Survey can be found here:https://caracal.science.uu.nl/2994/Results?


…there is now a poster available which makes more clear who to contact for what problem? You can find it here: http://www.ucsa.nl/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Poster-who-to-contact.pdf.


…you can recycle glass and paper on campus? There are bins between the Auditorium and G, and behind Dining Hall. The “bruin glas” bins also take white and green glass!


…that if a printer or a coffee machine is broken, you can call the number on the little sticker on the machine, and someone will come to fix it? Eternal gratitude from many students if you do so!


…the exact Dining Hall opening times? For example, dinner on Sunday starts half an hour earlier! Here are the opening hours: </a>Dining is open for breakfast (7:45 – 9:30), Lunch (11:30 – 14:00), and Dinner (18:00 – 19:30) on weekdays, and in the weekends for brunch (11:00 – 13:00), and dinner on Sundays (17:30 – 19:00).


…you can check out whether the University Library has free study spots via: http://studyspot.uu.nl/? No need to bike all the way to the Uithof and find out there are no more spots!


…you can plug in your iPod, iPhone or MP3 player to listen to your own music while playing fuss ball downstairs in Dining Hall, in the big concrete pole in the middle?


…there are BBQs next to Dining Hall and basketball field? And you can use them whenever you want and for free. LET THE SUMMER BEGIN!


…as part of a plan to make the BPA a bit better, some lovely volunteers (DramaCo, DanceCo, Musical Team), recently thoroughly cleaned many of the storage rooms in the BPA?


…that you can download (license codes) of a lot of computer software programs for free by logging in with your student ID on http://intercon.science.uu.nl/ [is this still true?] [i think so]


…the UU has its own psychologist? More information can be found here:http://www.uu.nl/NL/Informatie/studenten/studentbegeleiding/problemen/Pages/Intake.aspx.


…that you can change the music in Dining Hall yourself if you don’t want to listen to BONKERSSSSS TUDUDUDUDU on Sunday morning during brunch? Be your own DJ! The buttons to change the volume and the radio station are located on the end of the closets on the wall closest to the food area of Dining Hall.


…the Campus Life Forum in the current format has only existed since Fall 2013?


…that you can get free hot water from the coffee machines? Just bring your own cup and a chipknip and press “hot water”.


…that you can get a lot of discount in Dining Hall via the Sodexo app? Go to http://bestdeals.bysodexo.nl/ to download it!

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