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Our very own Drama Committee, devoted to making life on campus that little bit more dramatic. This committee organises a variety of activities spread over the academic year, including plays, theatre workshops, improv sessions (and performances!), and other events. To be the first to know about their thespian activities, sign up for the mailing list by emailing dramaco@ucsa.nl or like their Facebook page.

Plays: DramaCo endeavours to produce upwards of 3 plays a year. Every semester they need people for acting, costume/stage design, script writing, lighting, directing, and so on. Previous DramaCo productions include: Fawlty Towers, Picture of Dorian Grey, Vagina Monologues, What the Butler Saw, The Yellow Wallpaper, Doll’s House and Five Women Wearing the Same Dress. In the coming semester they’ll be producing two plays, and at present are welcoming applications from aspiring directors.

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Improv: DramaCo has an extensive history in holding weekly Improv classes, and Improv nights in the bar. This year, the open classes will focus on using Improv for fun and free expression. Using Alsion Goldie’s Improvistation for Theatre, Comedy, Education and Life, the teachers hope to show you how ‘improv stimulates creativity and confidence in all areas of life’! No experience necessary.

Workshops: Since they are by no means all-knowing, DramaCo often invites off-campus teachers to give workshops, in many different areas. These workshops are open for everyone, so keep an eye out for ways to sign-up!

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Super Sticky Surfaces: Our very own on-campus soap opera, performing satire inspired entirely by your own bubbelicious lives. Make sure to like their page on FB to be told about shows, then join the rest of campus in the Auditorium for a hilarious show! WARNING: Leave your political correctness at home.

Smaller Events: Does your upcoming event require more dramatic flair? Do you need help with finding performers for one off events? Then DramaCo may be able to help you! Contact us by email at dramaco@ucsa.nl and we will see what we can do for you. Alternatively, feel free to approach any of the board members with your enquiry.

The Board:
Chair – Carys Seren Mol
Secretary/Treasurer – Anne Boonstra
Producer – Liana Dobrica
Producer – Jessica Claire Evans
Event Manager/PR – Anique Greijmans
Improv Manager – Benjamin van Arendonk

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