Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The Association
  2. The Board
  3. The Bar
  4. General Assembly
  5. UCSA Owned Facilities

 The Association

  • What is the UCSA?

The University College Student Association (UCSA) is a body aimed at creating, promoting, organizing, and facilitating the interests of University College Utrecht’s student population.


  • Who are the members of the UCSA?

All University College Utrecht students are members of the association. It is possible to apply to the UCSA for a yearly membership in case a person is not enrolled at UCU. Moreover, the association has honorary members for those who have served the interests of the Association in an exceptional manner.

  • What are the rules governing the UCSA?

The UCSA has two core documents shaping the nature of the Association: The UCSA Statutes and the UCSA Policy Manual. These documents guide the actions taken by all UCSA members and bodies in regards to the Association. Both the UCSA Statutes and the UCSA Policy Manual can be found under downloads on this website.

  • What affiliated bodies does the UCSA have?

The UCSA is active through its committees and teams, which are all guided by the UCSA Board. The Independent Body, Auditing Team, and the Advisory Council work in cooperation by giving advice and guidance when necessary.

Apart from these internal bodies the UCSA also works together with external parties, such as UCU’s College Hall, Utrecht University, other UC’s in the Netherlands (through the UCSRN), and UCU’s Academic Student Council.


 The Board

  • What is the UCSA Board?

The UCSA board is a team of six UCU students which holds office for a period of one year. Throughout this year the board holds responsibility over the well-being and functionality of the entire Association. For more information please look under the UCSA Board.

  • How can I join the UCSA board?

Every year, close to the end of the spring semester, an Election GA is held. The GA results in the election of a new UCSA Board for the next year. In the weeks before the elections students apply for a position, write a statement where they can elaborate on their plans and vision, and campaign. An Information Session will take place approximately a month before the elections.


 The Bar

  • What is the UCSA Bar?

The UCSA has its own student bar. The Bar is located in the Dining Hall building and is run by the Bar Committee. The UCSA Bar is open to all UCSA members; nonetheless there are rules and regulations. For more information please read the House Rules of the Bar.

  • I am not a UCSA member and I would like to use the bar, what should I do?

In case you are not a UCSA member and you would like to access the Bar you will have to find a UCSA member to sign you into the Bar.

In case you are interested in renting the Bar or have any further questions please contact the Bar Committee Board at ucu.ucsa.bar@uu.nl


 General Assembly

  • What is the General Assembly?

The General Assembly (GA) is an open meeting to all UCSA members where the UCSA Board presents matters that need to be discussed and decided upon. The GA has overruling power and is the highest form of decision making process taking place within the UCSA. The GA is lead by the UCSA Chair and is a platform where students can both raise a voice and influence the current happenings in the Association. Decisions are made via a democratic voting procedure that is supervised by the Independent Body.

  • What types of GA’s are there?

There are three main types of GA’s taking place throughout the academic year. The first type is the Budget GA. In this type of GA the budget of the Association is being presented and voted upon. Moreover, an up-to-date financial report is given.

The second type of GA is the Elections GA. In this GA all the candidates for the different positions present themselves with a short speech and answer questions from the audience. By the end of the night the results are announced and the new Board is officially elected.

The last type of GA is the regular GA called by the UCSA Board, in case this is deemed necessary. This kind of GA is more flexible and asks for the opinion of UCSA members on a variety of different issues such as Policy Manual changes, future plans, allocation of a budget that is above 2500 Euros, and general acts to be taken by the Association.

  • How can I, as a UCSA member, influence what is discussed during a GA?

First of all, the GA is the place where students can speak up their mind and influence the Association in a meaningful way. Thus, any member can post questions, inquiries, and other forms of constructive input during a GA. But, if a member wishes to bring an issue or a proposal to the GA he or she needs to put it on paper, sign more than 10% of the student’s population, and communicate it to the UCSA Board. When following this procedure a member can bring up any issue to the discussion and decision of the GA. The specifics of this procedure can be found in the Policy Manual.

  1. UCSA Owned Facilities

  • I would like to book and use the Auditorium, how can I do it?

All bookings of the Auditorium must go through Lilian Goossens in College Hall. Please contact her at E.M.A.Goossens@uu.nl.

  • I would like to use a UCSA owned room, how can I do it?

Below is a list of all UCSA owned rooms, if you wish to use any of them please email the UCSA Board at ucu.ucsa@uu.nl or come by during office hours. Remember, these rooms are for you to use!

  1. Art Room
  2. UCSA Bar
  3. Beach Party Area
  4. Committee Room
  5. Dining Hall Lounge
  6. Drama Room
  7. Locke Class rooms (only after classes time)
  8. Media Room
  9. Music Room
  10. Newton Class Rooms (only after classes time)
  11. Voltaire Class Rooms (only after classes time)
  • I would like to use a UCSA owned item, how can I do that?

Below is a list of all UCSA owned items, if you wish to use any of them please email the UCSA Board at ucu.ucsa@uu.nl or come by during office hours. Remember, these items are for you to use!

  1. Sport equipment: football, basketball, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, American football, equipment for martial arts training, and more
  2. Materials for arts
  3. UCSA flags
  4. First aid kit
  5. Beamer, screen, and necessary cables
  6. Sound system including 3 mixer and 6 speakers.
  7. Money boxes
  8. 2 large tents
  9. Bike pump
  10. Video cameras, microphones, an editing computer, lenses, and tripods

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