The Humanitarian Committee (HumCo) is a campus committee that raises money for charity and raises awareness for various causes. Annually, we call on campus to decide on the charity that they would like us to support for the following year. We organise campus events to achieve our goals. In order to get as much campus involvement as possible we enjoy making our events as fun, unconventional and creative as possible. Renowned HumCo events include our Bake-Sales featuring our famous brownies, our Student Auction featuring wonderful UCU talents and services, and our Underwear Run featuring half naked people at the finish line! HumCo is a committee that appeals to all UCU students from those who are interested in humanitarian activities and helping charities, to those who simply want to enjoy our fun events. 

2015-2016 Board:

Chair: Silvia Pavan

Secretary: Heloise Florence-Widdig

Treasurer: Emily Akdogan

PR Manager: Emma van Schie

External Relations: Sasha Al Busaidy

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