I/O-Co is an effort to explore the digital and technological realm and its interactions within culture, society, and everyday life. A component of this is empowering students with skills to navigate this new digital era, but I/O-Co aspires to be so much more than this.


Our emphases can be seen to be divided (but not limited to!) a few primary areas: 1. Digital Culture & History, 2. Digital Skills, 3. Digital Politics, 4. Digital Philosophy. I/O-Co aspires to investigate these fields in any way possible, be that through documentary screenings, lectures, informal chats or informative classes. Again, this list is not exhaustive. 

Digital technologies have become an integral part of our world. To ignore this would be unwise – together, we hope to put the features of our burgeoning world under scrutiny so that we may be better equipped to understand and navigate the ever increasingly complex digital era.

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