Jan Wolter vd Berg – Art Auctioneer Sotheby’s


Drs. J.W. van den Berg (The Hague, 1966) studied history in Groningen. He started work with Sotheby’s Amsterdam in 1999. There he worked in the Valuation Department, which he headed when he left the firm in 2009. The work entailed valuations for all purposes,but he also was involved with getting property consigned for the sales held by Sotheby’s in Amsterdam and its other venues. Part of his duties were that of auctioneer. In 2009 a restructure of the company, in accordance to a strategy which it had developed to deal with changes in the market, the auction venue in Amsterdam was drastically altered and, with some 60 others, he left the company.

The new phase in his working life started on September 1st 2009. He set up his own business to continue his work in the world of the arts and antiques. As an independent appraiser and consultant he has been able to cater to the demand for expertise in this field.

His presentation shall touch on the various career opportunities in the art world. Not only will he deal with his experiences of working within an international auction-house, but also the world of dealers and brokers, which he is one now, will be dealt with. He will also discuss the art market, which is at the moment both boom and bust, and is very difficult to navigate. The need for knowledge is, obviously, paramount

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