Description of performances

Super Sticky Surfaces – Campus comedy is how we describe this group. This group of people will be guiding you through the whole festival on stage, with a story about a few people who will go on an adventure through the world.

Britte and Joshka – While UCU student Joschka will perform a beautiful classic piece on the piano, Britte, the musical vocal coach, will make you enjoy her lovely voice.

Outrageous – After having performed on InterUC yesterday, our own UCU dance team will show their dancing talents to all of you.

Drama Co performance: What The Butler Saw – This British play will be performed by our very own DramaCo. It is a fun play to watch, so grab some tea, add some milk and enjoy this butler-drama!

Valeria and Lina – Valeria is a very talented UCU student who studied at the conservatory in Italy. She will be accompanying Lina on the piano. Some argue that Lina has the most beautiful voice of campus, so check it out and decide for yourself!

Improv – UCU’s Improv group will make you laugh by playing improvisation games in a Lama-like style. Since everybody loves that TV program, you definitely don’t want to miss out on their play!

Christo, Inge and Frederica – This will be a combination of pop and folk. Two different accordions will accompany singer Frederica. The accordion is a musical instrument that is not seen very often anymore. Through this performance, your view on this lovely instrument will change dramatically.

Musical Team: Chicago – Get ready for a sneak peek of Chicago in the roaring twenties: a world filled with jazz, cabaret and liquor, where committing a crime can bring you fame as long as you keep mesmerizing your audience. On the 30th of April and the 1st of May UCU’s Musical Team will perform Chicago in theatre Het Huis in Utrecht. With over 50 people creatively involved in the production, it’s one of UCU’s biggest annual events. For more information and reservations, please email

Crazy Funky Jazz Band – Because of Tycho’s hands, Roald’s saxy solos, Thijs’ incredible voice, Dylan’s smooth lines, Milo’s kalozieke skills and Luc’s attendance, UCU’s very own Crazy Funky Jazz Band has entertained the students for quite some years now. After performances in the UCSA bar, during Introweek, at Prom and Inter-UC, today it’s time for the Lustrum Spring Festival! We are more than happy to perform here and we hope you will enjoy it! 

Kromhooders – This On-Campus band will play some fresh tunes for you. Did you know their name comes from the name of the unit they live in?

Lisanne and Quinn – This couple from the Conservatory in Utrecht will be performing poppy music with a jazzy undertone. Quinn shall be playing the guitar, while you can close your eyes and dream away to Lisanne’s talent for singing.

Latin Band – The Latin Band is always enjoyable. With a big variety of instruments, they will make your feet move and enlighten you with their Latin tunes. The perfect moment to show off your salsa skills!

Electronic Soul StationElectronic Soul Station is a band formed on the conservatory in Utrecht. They play soulful arrangements of well-known tunes. Beyoncé, N.E.R.D., Triggerfinger. It’s a big mix of styles. With the lovely Roos Boswinkel on vocals and a tight energetic band it’s really hard to not get into the groove.

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