Welcome letter by UCSA Chair

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the UCSA Spring Festival 2014! Today, we will be celebrating fifteen years of existence of the University College Student Association together with our members, their parents, alumni, and people from the neighborhood. As it is the celebration of our Lustrum, let me give you a short UCSA history class

On the 1st of April 1999 (not a joke!) the first version of the Statutes of the UCSA were written and there was stated: “The Association shall endeavor to achieve its objectives by organizing lectures, excursions, conferences and other activities to enable members to enrich themselves outside the curriculum”. Many great events have been organized over the last fifteen years through active and creative members, and through the drive to contribute to social life on the campus of UCU and beyond. It has truly been an amazing rollercoaster ride and a real adventure. Today, you are able to taste some of that experience and creativity: Join the Adventure!

I would like to thank all sixteen members of the UCSA Festival who have been working extremely hard for the last six months to organize this beautiful day and will be taking care of everything today as well: you can find them in the red sweaters if you have any questions! Also, thanks to all performers who will fill the day with music, theater, and more; all committees that organized an activity for today; all volunteers that help out with setting up, serving food and drinks, and cleaning up; and thanks to you for being here to enjoy to the Festival!

I hope, and I am sure, it will be a wonderful day for you to enjoy tasty food and drinks, performances and multiple activities. Please find all the important information you need in this booklet.

Let’s make this day an Adventure!

Sil Boedi Scholte (Chair of UCSA Board)

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