MedCo is a committee that organizes activities related to developments in the medical field. These activities include academic related events, such as lectures given by experts on a particular medical topic who will talk about their own recent research. This year, for the first time, we will organise a Medical Future event, during this event we will invite speakers who study or work in various disciplines or with organisations within the medical field. Moreover, this year we’ll also launch a website on which pre-med students can find everything they need, like summaries of their courses, information on the medical programs and internships, read about alumni and what they are up to, and get frequent updates on what’s happening in the medical world, tips and tricks for resume building and much much more! MedCo also organises more practical and fun events such as an first-aid course (for which you will receive a European accredited certification), a suturing workshop, trips to medical museums/exhibitions and a Halloween event. In addition, we’re hoping to raise awareness among campus’ students about health-related issues. So MedCo is a committee that will not only appeal to pre-med students, but to anyone at UCU who has a general interest in the medical field or simply wants to enjoy our fun events!

2015-2016 Board

Chair: Carlotta Iccolti

Secretary: Tashi Maseland

Treasurer: Roos van Oostehout

PR Manager: Liza Kolesnichenko

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