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For almost a year now there have been deep dark rumors and glistening fantasies of an ongoing set of events- formally known as ‘The Merchandise Project’.

Forget anything you might have seen, heard, sniffed, imagined or dreamt, the final result is now here for you all to see and have.

What we have on offer for you are the following, each emblazoned with the UCU logo and the UCSA Shield, on the very best addidas material:

– sports T-shirts €20
– hockey polos €20
– shorts €20
– hockey skirts €20
– hoodies (male and female) €30
– sweat pants (male and female) €30

– hoodie + sweat pants €55
– T-shirt/polo + short/skirt €35

All in our very own UCSA colours- Red tops, and black bottoms.

When & where can I get it?
All the merchandise is in the UCSA office, just waiting for you to come along and sample it. Drop by any evening during office hours (5:30 – 7:30) to have a look and see what you think.

Ho do I pay for products?
Payments can be made by cash or over the internet.

For a quick preview of our goods, check out the pictures attached. Photo credit to Erik-Jan van Kesteren!


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