20 January

Welcome to UCU! Finally, you arrived on a place you will come to call home for at least the next couple of months. Hopefully you are ready to start the semester with a BANG, because Introweek is about to take off. After you finished all necessary paperwork, said bye to your real parents or already made some new friends over lunch, you have some time to unpack your suitcases and decorate your room. At 15.00, the rollercoaster called Introweek will start! You will be introduced to your new “parents”, three current UCU students who will guide you through the week, who will make sure you will have loads of fun, and will love you to bits. For some proper “family” bonding, the first activity will start right away. By doing crazy assignments, you can earn points for your family; the one with the most points will obviously receive a really cool prize! In the evening, it is time for the first party of the week; together with your family you will head to one of the social hubs on campus: the UCSA Bar! Party the night away while making lots of new friends. See you tomorrow!

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