Our music committee brings people together to share and enjoy each other’s musical talents.

We are proud to host a variety of events, including the campus-famous monthly OpenMic Night, which allows many a talented student to display their blossoming musical talents. For those wanting to play together in a laid back atmosphere of improv, join us for the monthly Jam Sessions. Is laid back really your thing? Join a newly developed event: MusicCo Unplugged, which provides an even more relaxed way of jamming. Moreover, for those virtuoso musicians more inclined to the classical side of music, we organize a Classy Campus Concert once a semester. If you are interested in polishing your skills and learning new ones, you might consider joining one of the music workshops. Last but not least, we offer all of you campus-dwellers the luxurious Music Room, conveniently located behind the BPA. The keys can be requested at the UCSA office during office hours!

To find new people to play with, join the database of musicians on campus or consult it on our Facebook page.

Sign up for our mailing-list by sending us an email and join our Facebook page for regular updates on what’s going on.

Open Mic Night
Once a month all of campus’s music-loving critters gather at the bar to enjoy a night filled with joy and music and beer and comradeship. This is our famous Open Mic Night. During this ritual, performers are rumoured to get free beer! All acts are welcome. This is the perfect opportunity for you to play or listen to your friends, in a relaxed and familiar setting.

Classy Campus Concert
If exposing your most vulnerable musical side to a bunch of strangers in a rowdy, crowded, smelly campus student bar is not really your thing, then you can perform during our Classy Campus Concert, organized once a semester. Dress classy, in your best tuxedo, cocktail dress, evening gown or penguin suit. There will be quality wine, as well as quality music. Awesome, right?

Jam Sessions
Under the guidance of our expert Performing Arts teacher Tjitze, once a month you are challenged to test your improvisation talents in a relaxed setting. The sessions are held in the Music Room and everyone is welcome to join.

MusicCo Unplugged – in development
If you are not entirely comfortable with jamming or performing with a big group, MusicCo Unplugged provides a chill jamming session where you take your shoes of, grab a nice instrument, sit down on a pillow and jam away together.

We love to get inspiring people from outside the Bubble to share they knowledge and skills with us. Check Facebook and the website to see what’s on offer!

2015-2016 board:

Chair: Britte de Groot

Treasurer: Molly O’Meara

Secretary: Job Sytsma

Equipment Manager: Victor Onink

Equipment Manager: Rohaan Mathew

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