Packing List

When you arrive on Monday the 20th of January, you can immediately move in to your room for the coming half year. For your convenience we have compiled a list of must-brings and often forgotten items to a new home. There are just a few things you cannot miss for an entire week!

  • Bedding: this means duvet, pillow(s), and sheets. Be aware of the odd sizes of the UCU beds: 90×220.
  • Toiletries: unless you have to look the word hygiene up in the dictionary, it would be nice to bring shampoo, a toothbrush, toothpaste, deoderant, and a hairbrush/combe. We would like to point out that movember is, as the name suggests in November, so a razor might come in handy as well.
  • Clothes: Unlike some of the warmer countries you might have visited, Holland is in a continuous state of cold and rain (with the occasional exception of hail or snow). That’s why would advise you to bring spare clothes for rainy days when you want to chance jeans at least twice. Furthermore, bring clothes for the parties; no matter the temperature outside, you will wish you put on something short when you enter the bar. So keep that into account when gathering your themed outfits (see the parties page for the dresscodes). Don’t forget something fancy for the formal dinner, sporty for battles of the families, oh, and, of course, clean undies. We are also going iceskating during Introweek, so if you have your own skates, be sure to bring them!
  • Computer stuff: including your laptop/pc, as well as a charger and an ethernet cable. Not all units have WiFi, but all rooms are equipped with a wired internet connection. You can bring a simple router to create WiFi in your unit.
  • Phone: AND CHARGER! Honestly, your (intro)(grand)parents will be worried if they can’t reach you!
  • Wallet: this means, ID card/passport (for registration), Credit/Bankcard, some cash (yes, campus is almost all inclusive, but cash is needed for some things -including drinks in the bar), drivers licence (if you have one), and don’t forget your visa!
  • Food: although you have a Dining Hall, and credit to spend in it, there will be some days where you don’t want to go, and instead cook with friends. Units are not equipped properly for cooking in general, so you will also need some pots, pans, cutlery, glasses, mugs, and plates which DH prefers you not to “borrow” from them. 
  • Pens and Paper: unless you take notes on your laptop, after introweek, term starts immediately. You can go without your books for a week or two, but notes have proven to be a life saver during exam time! You can also buy this on Saturday, during the get your basics event.

Checked the list multiple times? Good! Then you are ready for the rollercoaster of a lifetime!

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