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The body that oversees and supports all members, committees and their interests is the UCSA Board. The UCSA Board is your mediator between being a UCSA member and fulfilling your wildest dreams. They are there for you when you have inquiries about anything on campus, and are always eager to help. At the end of the academic year an Election General Assembly (GA) will take place, to elect the new board. After counting the votes of all UCSA members, it will be announced what six people will take up the positions in this body; i.e. who will be the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and the three Committee Affair Officers (CAOs).  The three CAOs are the link between the committees and the UCSA Board, and each one undertakes approximately a third of the committees. The Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer can also choose to take up responsibility for one or two committees.

The Chair is the person who has the overall responsibility for the association, formulating and pursuing the association’s long-term goals, chairing meeting and GAs, as well as making sure their Board is doing it’s job right and generally supporting everyone’s business. For this academic year (2016-2017), the Chair is Thijs Ringelberg.

The Secretary is the main information source of the board: having contact with external parties, keeping things within the association legitimate, and generally being on top of everything are a few of their tasks. He or she is also the person who is in charge of taking minutes during meetings and is in charge of the Campus Life Forum. For this academic year (2016-2017), the Secretary is Sophie van Dijk.

The Treasurer has the important task of being the money person, taking care of all expenses for the association and making sure payments go smoothly, and contracts are in our favor. The treasurer is the person who is in charge of reimbursement for UCSA members and committees who spent money on behalf of the UCSA. Thus, the Treasurer is the one who keeps the money safe and sound. For this academic year (2016-2017), the Treasurer is Bart Schermers.

The final three members of the UCSA Board are the Committee Affairs Officers. As stated briefly before, the role of the CAOs is to act as mediators between the UCSA committees and the UCSA Board. However, they are much more than that: they are the ones that maintain the element that makes campus so special: committee life. They have the important task of keeping up to date with their committees, making sure they do their job, and providing a helping and guiding hand.  For this academic year (2016-2017), the three CAOs are Louis Parker, Manon Peek, and Carolina Belchior Ferreira da Silva.

 UCSA Board 2016-2017
This year’s UCSA Board. From left to right: Carolina Belchior Ferreira da Silva, Louis Parker, Sophie van Dijk, Thijs Ringelberg, Bart Schermers, Manon Peek.

Apart from their regular tasks, the UCSA Board members organize events themselves as well, such as Introweek and Prom.

Finally, it is important to know that students can always come to the UCSA Board Office (downstairs in Dining Hall) for questions, suggestions, ideas, hugs, jokes, and more. The UCSA Board will do all that is possible to help you!

A Posse ad Esse

Election statements current board:

Election Statement Thijs Ringelberg

Election Statement Sophie van Dijk

Election Statement Bart Schermers

Election Statement Louis Parker

Election Statement Manon Peek

Election Statement Carolina Silva

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