UCU Festival

UCU Festival 2013 – U C The World

We welcome you on this day (April 6th) to the campus of the University College Utrecht.

This will be a day of fun festivities during which you can see a snap shot of all the happenings of our campus. As an international college, we have students from all over the world, let us take you on a trip around all these countries as we provide you with a multicultural experience- vibes, food and activities for all.

Our gates will be open to you from 12:30, and at 13:00 there be an official opening ceremony.

There will be food and drinks on offer while you walk around our beautiful campus, watching shows from many of our talented students, and taking part in the many activities that will be on offer.

From 17:00 onwards there will be an option of dinner at which time a line-up of evening music performances will begin. At 23:00 we will hold a party in our College Bar.

For more information see:

About the Festival


For the Kids

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