22 January

Today is DUTCH DAY! In the early afternoon, you will have some time for yourself to buy, for example, a bike, an extra IKEA table, more liquor, 10 bags of crisps, a toe clipper, and anything else you need. Make sure you wear some warm clothes, because at 14.30 we will go iceskating on the other side of town. To warm you up, we will go to a pancake house to have a yummy pancake dinner after. After dinner, it’s time for a good UCU tradition: a proper pre-party UCU style. You’re still young, wild, and free, so enjoy an evening full of laughter, surprise and happiness. Tonight, we will party HARD, and afterwards it’s time for a second tradition: the afterparty. We will do this by serving an “Early Breakfast” in the UCSA office, complete with eggs, bacon and orange juice! With your head still buzzing from the music, and your bellies well filled, go to bed and enjoy sleeping in!

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