Welcome by Chair

Dear class of 2016 and a half,

I would like to welcome you to University College Utrecht and to the University College Student Association!

You are about to start the notorious and magical Introweek, a week in which you will be introduced to this college and to the association, the UCSA. It is a week organized for you: For you to meet new people, to get to know the association, to party like crazy, to get to know new places, and for you to start feeling at home. It does not matter if you are outgoing or shy, if you are from a big city abroad or from a small village in the Netherlands, or if you are here for three years or 6 months: Introweek is here for all the new students to be welcomed and to celebrate the beginning of their experiences at this unique place. UCU is not only one of a kind because of its academic excellence, but (also) because of the very vibrant and coherent social community. You will see that some friendships you make during this week will last until after your three years at UCU. Introweek has proved to be the most memorable week of all weeks, and I promise that after this week you will have some memories that will stay with you for a long time.

This week you will have a first taste of life on the UCU campus. As of this moment, you are a member of the UCSA. This means that you can, and are very much encouraged to, get involved on all levels. You will soon discover that the UCSA as an association offers a lot of room to pursue personal and shared interests, the ability to express yourself in a large variety of ways, and to see your ambitions come to life. For this is the UCSA spirit written on our shield “a posse ad esse”, meaning “from possibility to reality”. Here on campus every initiative can come true and be realized in a meaningful way. Next to your academic life you will find a vivid community active on all fields of interest: from sports to politics, from partying to science, from arts to traveling. Introweek is your chance of being introduced to this major aspect of life on campus and to see where you would like to get more involved.

Special thanks must be given to all the dedicated (Intro)parents, volunteers, and committees without whom this Introweek could never have been as awesome as it will be. I would also like to thank an amazing College Hall Staff, Dining Hall staff and other third parties who generously support our association. It is thanks to all these people that this Introweek will be a successful and an unforgettable one.

Lastly, this Introweek would not have been possible without my outstanding board: your always-hard-working-and-crazy Secretary Corine Bos, your sexy-but-way-too-clever-money-man Treasurer Luc Stultiens, the she-knows-everyone-sweetheart-mommy CAO Petra Zaal, the hotty-mcdotty-sexy-ass CAO Florian Verhaak, and your dedicated-funny-party-Swayze CAO Marijn Maas. These people have worked day and night for this Introweek to succeed and I can only hope you will find it as enjoyable as we do. They will not only be there for you during this Introweek, but also for the entire coming year.

Enjoy this week for it is yours to have!

With tears of joy,

Sil Boedi Scholte

Chair of the UCSA Board 2013-2014

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